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Our Story


Brianne and I met on a sticky dance floor in a dive bar in Reno, Nevada where we were both attending college. She was the shiniest personality in the room with the most contagious laughter and wildest dance moves. I, naturally, wanted to be her best friend immediately. We were inseparable from that night on. 

Bri was the type of girl who stood out in a crowd. Aside from being strikingly beautiful, her uninhibited style and vibrant personality was simply unmatchable. Her signature jewelry piece was a bear tooth necklace that she crafted when her dad was forced to shoot a bear off their porch in Seward, Alaska. There was always a wild story behind the leathers, feathers, teeth and bones that she used to unconventionally adorn her body. She was born and raised in the wilderness and her style showcased its raw beauty.

Home for summer vacation in 2009, Brianne Toth was tragically killed while riding her bike. The extreme pain and shock of losing my best friend was excruciating and it took a few years before I figured out a way to channel that energy into something positive: BRIWOK. I have always been a bit of a weirdo, artsy type with an affinity for mixing jewelry and putting outfits together so BRIWOK developed naturally and organically. 

BRIWOK is inspired by and made in honour of my best bud. BRIWOK is designed for the wild ones, the quirky ones and the ones that came here to have the most fun.